Overview of quota take-up of aquatic biological resources by Magadan fishery companies

September 15, 2008 12:16
According to the Fishery Department of Magadan region administration, as per 1 September of 2008 thirty three enterprises of Magadan region fishery complex have been fishing their quotas in Russia's EEZ, in-shore zone and for research purposes since the start of the year, reports http://www.fishnet-russia.com/ with reference to RIA Sever DV.

The catch of aquatic biological resources in the North Okhotsk subarea of the Sea of Okhotsk totaled 29.36 thousand tonnes, in the West-Kamchatka subarea - 11.11 thousand tonnes, in the Kamchatka Kurile subarea - 2.55 thousand tonnes, in the East Sakhalin subarea - 0.32 thousand tonnes, in the West Bering Sea Zone - 7.26 thousand tonnes.

For the moment about 40% from the total quota volume given to the holders of Magadan region have been already taken up. The take up of quotas for all purposes amounts to 50.6 thousand tonnes as compared to 63.4 thousand tonnes in 2007. The dynamics of aquatic biological resources harvesting on the whole is comparable with the figures of 2007. The difference in the catch volumes is determined by the quota volume of Pacific salmonids in 2007 - 16.5 thousand tonnes against 3.3 thousand tonnes in 2008.

The main objects of fishery are the traditional species of Alaska pollock, herring, cod, flatfish, navaga, smelt, crabs, northern shrimp and whelk.

The companies of Magadan region caught 41.99 thousand tonnes in Russia's EEZ, 3.17 thousand tonnes - in inshore fishery and 4.69 thousand tonnes - for research purposes.

The Alaska pollock catch exceeds the level of 2007 by 8% and totals 29.37 thousand tonnes.

The northern shrimp fishery is also being carried out above the level of 2007 by 17% (0.93 thousand tonnes as compared to 0.79 thousand tonnes in 2007). The total catch of invertebrates (crabs, shrimps and whelk) amounts to 8.36 thousand tonnes as compared to 6.18 thousand tonnes (26.1% up).

Salmon fishing season is drawing to a close. According to the Territorial Department of Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency, there are 19 enterprises of Magadan region fishery complex taking part in this fishery.

As per 1 September of 2008, about 90% of the commercial quota was covered; the catch of pink salmon totaled 115.7 tonnes and chum salmon - 978.1 tonnes. In the areas licensed for recreational fishing about 70% of total quota was covered.

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