Overview of Kaliningrad fisheries in the first eight months of 2006

September 20, 2006 15:30

Through the first eight months of the current year 2006 the vessels based in Kaliningrad-led West Basin altogether worked 4665 days at sea with the total harvest reported at 163,000 metric tons. The average catch per day therefore amounted to 34.5 metric tons, according to Mayak Baltiki.

The above harvest accounts for 91% from the result in the same period last year. The fleet coming from the Russian North Fisheries Basin (Murmansk, etc.) in January-August 2006 increased their total catch by 70,000 tonnes and harvested 35,000 tonnes of blue whiting. Though the latter resource is also available for Kaliningrad-based fleet, shortage of appropriate ships has reduced the capacity for this fishery. For instance, charter of two vessels owned by Kaliningrad’s Westrybflot by a foreign company in the year 2006 has considerably reduced the Basin’s potential in catches.

Through January-August 2006 Kaliningrad-based fleets harvested 73,777 tonnes of blue whiting, 43,487 tonnes of mackerel, 14,431 tonnes of ocean perch Sebastes mentella, 13,532 tonnes of herring, 7429 tonnes of horse mackerel, 1976 tonnes of cod, 1966 tonnes of sardines, 1693 tonnes of anchovy, 956 tonnes of sardinella, 364 tonnes of ocean perch, 276 tonnes of sea cat, 275 tonnes of sabrefish, 248 tonnes of dogtooth, 178 tonnes of haddock, 53 tonnes of halibut and 160 tonnes of other species.

The main fishing areas through the period under analysis were as follows:

-          central part of the Norwegian Sea (Northeast Atlantic) where Kaliningrad’s fishermen harvested 36,392 metric tons of fish or 59 tonnes per day;

-          Moroccan waters (Central Easters Atlantic) where Kaliningrad’s fishermen harvested 36,033 metric tons of fish or 48 tonnes per day;

-          Reykjanes (Northeast Atlantic) where Kaliningrad’s fishermen harvested 34,849 metric tons of fish or 22 tonnes per day;

-          Faroese Islands (Northeast Atlantic) where Kaliningrad’s fishermen harvested 32,548 metric tons of fish or 61 tonnes per day;

-          Norway continental (Northeast Atlantic) where Kaliningrad’s fishermen harvested 11,698 metric tons of fish or 41 tonnes per day.

The leading harvesters of the Basin were OOO Maritime Star (ltd) – 70,500 tonnes, a 14% increase on last year, JSC ZAO Rybflot FOR – 31,700 tonnes, JSC ZAO Westrybflot – 29,000 tonnes. According to the fishermen’s reports, out of 12 companies operating on the deepsea grounds only 6 six firms reported the total harvest of more than 1000 metric tons. The below table shows catches of Kaliningrad-based fishing companies through January-August 2006.

Harvest in January-August 2006 broken between companies (with the total catch of more than 1000 metric tons) operating on deepsea grounds


2005, metric tons

2006, metric tons

2006 versus 2005 in %%

OAO Atlantrybflot (plc)




JSC ZAO Westrybflot




OOO Zapmorflot (ltd)




OOO Maritime Star (ltd)












According to provisional figures, in the first eight months of the year the vessels based in the Russian West Fisheries Basin reported the following catches:

Owned by JSC ZAO Westrybflot:

BATM K-1988 Armenak Babayev, captain Oleg Gerasimov, harvest of 13,254 tonnes;

BATM K-1990 Staryi Arbat, captain Pavel Vlasyuk, harvest of 14,496 tonnes;

Owned by OOO Maritime Star (ltd):

BATM K-1531 M-l Vasilevsky, captain Tikhon Podgornyi, harvest of 4499 tonnes;

BATM K-1601 M-l Krylov, captain Andrey Mazurov, harvest of 5626 tonnes;

BATM K-1652 K-n Sukhondayevsky, captain Nikolay Nazarevsky, harvest of 9917 tonnes;

RTMK-S K-1749 Kurschskaya Kosa, captain Sergey Mironov, harvest of 12,650 tonnes;

RTMK-S K-1777 Porechye, captain Sergey Tkachyov, harvest of 10,044 tonnes;

RTMK-S K-2147 Lira, captain Sergey Maslennikov, harvest of 11,204 tonnes;

RTMK-S K-2157 Kapitan Butrimov, captain Andrey Generalov, harvest of 11,415 tonnes;

RTMS K-2086 Tsefey, captain Vyacheslav Nikiforov, harvest of 1010 tonnes;

STM K-1673 Kolomenskoye, captain Vassily Sakovsky, harvest of 711 tonnes;

STM K-1676 Karacharovo, captain Anatoly Nikulin, harvest of 357 tonnes;

Owned by OOO RPK FOR (ltd):

BATM K-2060 Bratya Stoyanovy, captain Igor Reshedko, harvest of 7800 tonnes;

BATM K-2073 Kapitan Edemsky, captain Oleg Biryukov, harvest of 9447 tonnes;

Owned by JSC ZAO Rybflotfor:

BATM K-1789 P.Chanchibadze, captain Vladimir Duvakin, harvest of 10,008 tonnes;

BATM K-1864 V.Dzhaparidze, captain Nikolay Stepkin, harvest of 6675 tonnes;

BATM K-1965 P.Batov, captain Anatoly Laptev, harvest of 7116 tonnes;

BATM K-1966 Nivenskoye, captain Pavel Mokhin, harvest of 8307 tonnes;

BMRTIB K-2156 Tulen, captain Sergey Shevchenko, harvest of 1501 tonnes;

BMRTIB K-2155 Omar, captain Vitaly Markov, harvest of 1921 tonnes;

Owned by OOO Zapmorflot (ltd):

STM K-1620 Olshana, captain Yuri Matveyev, harvest of 2134 tonnes;

STM K-1944 Ostankino, captain Boris Ignatenko, harvest of 1345 tonnes;

STM K-2061 Orlik, captain Ivan Sheremetov, harvest of 1549 tonnes;

STM K-2162 Ozherelje, captain Vladimir Tkachenko, harvest of 460 tonnes.

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