Overview of Kaliningrad fisheries in September 2006

October 11, 2006 16:38

In September 2006 the fleet of Kaliningrad-led West Basin worked 745 days at sea and harvested 28,553 metric tons of fish. The average daily rates per ship amounted to 38.3 tonnes, according to Rybak Baltiki.

The harvest contained the following species: herring – 18,910 tonnes, blue whiting – 2639 tonnes, ocean perch Sebastes mentella – 2605 tonnes, mackerel – 1897 tonnes, sardinella – 1171 tonnes, horse mackerel – 593 tonnes, cod – 322 tonnes, halibut – 249 tonnes, haddock – 97 tonnes, sea cat – 47 tonnes, plaice – 9 tonnes, sardine – 8 tonnes and saithe - 5 tonnes.

The most efficient areas were as follows: Norway continental (Northeast Atlantic) – 21,016 metric tons (66 tonnes per day), Morocco (Central East Atlantic – 3664 metric tons (65 tonnes per day), central part of the Norwegian Sea – 2857 tonnes (18 tonnes per day), according to reports from the area.

According to provisional figures, in September 2006 the vessels based in the Russian West Fisheries Basin reported the following catches:

Owned by JSC ZAO Westrybflot:

BATM K-1988 Armenak Babayev, captain Oleg Gerasimov, harvest of 1508 tonnes;

BATM K-1990 Staryi Arbat, captain Pavel Vlasyuk, harvest of 1234 tonnes;

Owned by OOO Maritime Star (ltd):

BATM K-1531 M-l Vasilevsky, captain Tikhon Podgornyi, harvest of 1775 tonnes;

BATM K-1601 M-l Krylov, captain Andrey Mazurov, harvest of 1312 tonnes;

BATM K-1652 K-n Sukhondayevsky, captain Ivan Ruzanov, harvest of 1433 tonnes;

RTMK-S K-1749 Kurschskaya Kosa, captain Nikolay Zonin, harvest of 1778 tonnes;

RTMK-S K-1777 Porechye, captain Sergey Ochkosvky, harvest of 1853 tonnes;

RTMK-S K-2147 Lira, captain Viktor Datskevich, harvest of 1811 tonnes;

RTMK-S K-2157 Kapitan Butrimov, captain Oleg Rzayevv, harvest of 1389 tonnes;

STM K-1673 Kolomenskoye, captain Vassily Sakovsky, harvest of 275 tonnes;

STM K-1676 Karacharovo, captain Anatoly Nikulin, harvest of 254 tonnes;

BMRTIB K-1476 Kazan, captain Yuri Pakholchuk, harvest of 799 tonnes;

Owned by OOO Zapmorflot (ltd):

STM K-1944 Ostankino, captain Boris Ignatenko, harvest of 231 tonnes;

STM K-2061 Orlik, captain Ivan Sheremetov, harvest of 642 tonnes;

Owned by OOO RPK FOR (ltd):

BATM K-2060 Bratya Stoyanovy, captain Vassily Tyryshkin, harvest of 1466 tonnes;

BATM K-2073 Kapitan Edemsky, captain Oleg Biryukov, harvest of 2001 tonnes;

Owned by JSC ZAO Rybflotfor:

BATM K-1789 P.Chanchibadze, captain Vladimir Duvakin, harvest of 1746 tonnes;

BATM K-1864 V.Dzhaparidze, captain Nikolay Stepkin, harvest of 1916 tonnes;

BATM K-1965 P.Batov, captain Anatoly Laptev, harvest of 1499 tonnes;

BATM K-1966 Nivenskoye, captain Pavel Mokhin, harvest of 1754 tonnes;

BMRTIB K-2156 Tulen, captain Sergey Shevchenko, harvest of 757 tonnes;

BMRTIB K-2155 Omar, captain Vitaly Markov, harvest of 625 tonnes.

The above data shows that the best harvesters were Kapitan Edemsky, V.Dzhaparidze and M-l Vassilevsky among BATM large trawlers, Lira among RTMK-S supertrawlers and Orlik among STM middle trawlers.

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