Overview of freshfrozen fish market of Saint Petersburg and some other regions as per mid-March 2008

March 17, 2008 14:11

Through the recent month from mid-February to mid-March 2008 the freshfrozen fish market of Saint Petersburg  (Russia's main entry port for seafood imports) and other regions has displayed a number of developments, Radion Safin, CEO of Saint-Petersburg-based seafood trader Radex Co. Ltd told http://www.fishnet-russia.com/ (https://www.fishnet.ru/).

Below follow more details on particular species with average prices given as ex-coldstore VAT inclusive for quantities of from 20 metric tons in Saint Petersburg unless specified otherwise.


As per mid-March 2008, herring 300+ Norway was marketed from RUB26.00-26.50 per kilo in Saint Petersburg, while the size 350+ was traded from RUB35.50-36.00 per kilo. At the same time, herring 400+ was sold from ca.RUB46.00 per kilo and the product remained not popular without any strong demand observed.

Baltic herring, Baltic sprat

As per mid-March 2008, the Baltic sprat fishery was reported as more or less active. The traders offered the product from RUB18.00 per kilo ex-coldstore. There were also offers from Kaliningrad from RUB22.00-24.00 per kilo depending on the volume.

Finnish herring 12-15 was offered from RUB20.00, while the size 15-17 was marketed from RUB22.00.


As per mid-March 2008, Norwegian mackerel 400-600 head-on was offered from RUB97.00 per kilo. Scottish mackerel was sold from RUB61.00 per kilo of the size 400-600 and from RUB55.00 per kilo of the size 300-500.


As per mid-March 2008, pink fillets 220+ of pangasius catfish were offered from RUB55.50 per kilo ex-coldstore, though there were also offers of the same product from RUB80.00 as the traders marketed old inventories which had been earlier purchased at high prices.

Blue whiting

As per mid-March 2008, as the capelin quota 2008 has been allocated for scientific operations only and the catches of herring have been small so far, the fleets have been focusing mostly on blue whiting and, as was expected, by the middle of March the prices for blue whiting have come down to RUB20.00 per kilo due to the product's large supply on the market.


As per mid-March 2008, Canadian hake 300-500 appreciated to RUB67.00-69.00 per kilo as Canadian producers (who are Russia's largest suppliers of hake) had also increased their prices.


As per mid-March 2008, Squid from the Russian Far East was marketed at RUB90.00-100.00 per kilo. In the meantime, Argentinean squid of approximately the same quality slightly depreciated to RUB65.00-66.00 per kilo and Chilean squid also depreciated to RUB50.00 per kilo. There were also offers of Peruvian squid from RUB45.00 per kilo.

The squid prices have reached the highest limit of the purchasing capacity therefore in the coming weeks they are not forecasted to rise further as the processors have calculated the cost price of the products to be made from expensive squid and started to reject this material.


As per mid-March 2008, prices for Atlantic salmon and trout slightly increased:

Trout PREMIUM, headed 1.8-2.7, Chile from RUB137.00 per kilo;

Trout PREMIUM, headed 2.6-4.0, Chile from RUB142.00 per kilo;

Atlantic salmon PREMIUM, head-on 6-7, Norway from RUB175.00 per kilo;

Atlantic salmon PREMIUM, head-on 7-8, Norway from RUB176.00 per kilo;

Atlantic salmon PREMIUM, head-on 8-9, Norway from RUB177.00 per kilo.

Prices in Saint Petersburg


Price ex-coldstore as per 14 March 2008, RUB per kilo

Herring 300+


Herring 350+


Herring 400+


Pink salmon, head-on gutted, 22-kilo carton


Spotted sea cat, headed, Murmansk


Blue sea cat, Murmansk


Squid tubes, Nakhodka


Chum salmon, head-on gutted


Alaska pollock, 30+ headed, 22-kilo carton


Capelin 40-50, Iceland


Pangasius head-off tail-off, Vietnam


Haddock headed, 1-, Murmansk


Blue whiting, n4, Murmansk


Prices in the Russian Far East Basin


Price ex-coldstore as per 13 February 2008, RUB per kilo

Pink salmon silverside head-on gutted


Pink salmon milt


Chum salmon silverside, head-on gutted


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