Overview of freshfrozen fish market of Saint Petersburg and some other regions as per mid-April 2008

April 17, 2008 12:52

Through the recent month from mid-March to mid-April 2008 the freshfrozen fish market of Saint Petersburg (Russia's main entry port for seafood imports) and other regions has displayed a number of developments, Radion Safin, CEO of Saint-Petersburg-based seafood trader Radex Co. Ltd told http://www.fishnet-russia.com/ (https://www.fishnet.ru/).

Below follow more details on particular species with average prices given as ex-coldstore VAT inclusive for quantities from 20 metric tons in Saint Petersburg unless specified otherwise.


As per mid-April 2008, herring 300+ Norway was marketed from RUB26.00-26.50 per kilo in Saint Petersburg, while the size 350+ was traded from RUB35.50-36.00 per kilo. Norwegian herring 250+ and 200-300 appeared on sale at approximately the same prices of RUB22.50-23.00 per kilo ex-coldstore.

Norwegian herring fillets were sold from RUB36.00 per kilo of the size 8/12 and from RUB40.00 per kilo of the size 6/10.

Baltic herring, Baltic sprat

As per mid-April 2008, the Baltic sprat was offered from RUB18.50 per kilo ex-coldstore, while the Finnish herring 12-15 was marketed from RUB20.00 and the same product of the size 15-17 was availavle from RUB22.00.


As per mid-April 2008, the market supply of mackerel was short and the prices rose to RUB75.00 per kilo of the size 400-600 and up to RUB63.00 per kilo of the size 300-500.


As per mid-April 2008, pink fillets 220+ of pangasius catfish were offered from RUB55.50 per kilo ex-coldstore.

Blue whiting

The situation on the blue whiting market was uncertain with prices fluctuating depending on the market supply from RUB17.00 to RUB21.00 per kilo within one week.

As per 15 April 2008, prices amounted to RUB18.50-19.00 per kilo ex-coldstore in Saint Petersburg. Most probably, the prices will not fall greatly as many fleets signed contracts for shipments of this fish to the overseas market.


As per mid-April 2008, freshfrozen hake was offered from RUB61.00 to RUB72.00 per kilo depending on the size, packaging and country of origin.

The Russian hake HGT 400-600 was available from RUB61.00 per kilo at the minimum. The Canadian hake IQF 300-500 was offered from RUB72.00 per kilo.


As per mid-April 2008, squid from the Russian Far East depreciated to RUB70.00-72.00 per kilo, as the price of RUB95.00-100.00 already reached the limit of the purchasing power and the consumers stopped buying the product at the resulting price.

Squid fillets from Chile and Peru were offered from RUB55.00 per kilo.


The traders were mostly offering capelin 40/50 and 45/55 at prices of RUB27.50-29.00 per kilo and, just like last year, there was a shortage of large capelin on the market. The sizes 30/40 and 35/45 were practically not offered, there were only rare offers at prices higher than RUB35.00 per kilo.

Trout, salmon


Prices in RUB per kilo

Trout, headed, 1.8-2.7, Norway, ORD

from 145.00

Trout, headed, 2.7-3.6, Norway, ORD

from 148.00

Salmon, head-on, 6-7, Norway

from 180.00

Salmon, head-on, 7-8, Norway

from 183.00

Salmon, head-on, 8-9, Norway

from 185.00

Prices in Saint Petersburg


Prices in RUB per kilo

Herring 300+


Herring 350+


Herring 400+


Pink salmon, head-on gutted, 22 kilos

55.00-49.00 depending on quality

Blue sea cat, Murmansk


Squid, head-off tail-off, Nakhodka


Alaska pollock, headed, 30+, 22 kilos


Capelin, 40-50, Iceland


Pangasius, head-off tail-off, Vietnam


Haddock, headed, 1-, Murmansk


Blue whiting, N4, Murmansk


Prices in the Russian Far East


Prices in RUB per kilo

Pink salmon, head-on gutted


Chum salmon, silverside, head-on gutted


Salmon milt


Yellowfin sole М


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