Overview of freshfrozen fish market of Saint Petersburg and other regions as per mid-January 2008

January 16, 2008 12:52
Summing up for the year 2007 it is worth noting that in the seafood industry as in the whole country the consolidation is being observed, with small processors and companies failing to compete with global operators forced to withdraw from the market.

The Government has been increasingly strengthening its control of fishing, checking the quantity and quality of caught fish and other aquatic products. As a result, fish trade is becoming more or less civilized, trading sources in Saint-Petersburg (Russia's main entry port for seafood imports) told http://www.fishnet-russia.com/ (https://www.fishnet.ru/).

Growing world prices on the fuel market have led not only to the rise of prices for imported fish products (what is natural) but also to the rise of prices for seafood of Russian origin as the fish being left on the domestic market could be potentially exported at the higher prices, so the companies had to push them up. The outlook for future is thus for all fish products to go up in price as in line with all food stuffs.

As for the current situation on the fish market on the threshold of the New Year celebrations the sales were good, but in January they are traditionally slow as new import permits haven't been granted yet and though Russian fleets have left for the grounds the first catches haven't been landed yet. As per mid-January 2008 the prices for new catches haven't been formed and prices ex-coldstore are practically the same.

Freshfrozen herring

As per mid-January 2008 the Norwegian traders generally offer herring from RUB24.00 per kilo for the size 200-300 and from RUB26.00 for the size 300+.

Norwegian freshfrozen herring of the size 350+ from the October harvest is offered from RUB34.00 to RUB35.00 per kilo, freshfrozen herring of the size 400+ is marketed from RUB43.00 per kilo.

Baltic herring, Baltic sprat

The market supply of high quality Baltic sprat remains low with the Baltic fish prices being from RUB19.00 per kilo. The Finnish herring for the size 12-15 cm is offered from RUB20.00 per kilo and for the size 15-17 cm - from RUB22.00 per kilo.


Freshfrozen mackerel head-on is sold from RUB63.00 per kilo of the size 400-600 and the same product from Scotland is offered from RUB59.00.


Freshfrozen Canadian hake 300-500 has gone up in price to RUB65.00 per kilo as per 15 January 2008.

Atlantic Cod

Freshfrozen headed cod 1.5-2 is sold from RUB80.00 per kilo.


Russian Far East squid is offered at RUB90.00-100.00 per kilo, while Argentinean squid of approximately the same quality is priced up to RUB60.00-65.00 per kilo. Chilean squid has appreciated from RUB40.00 to 50.00-55.00 per kilo.


Before the New Year celebrations the prices for salmon/trout increased slightly.

Freshfrozen Norwegian Atlantic salmon 8-9 SUPER is offered from RUB185.00 per kilo.

Freshfrozen Norwegian Atlantic salmon 7-8 gutted SUPER is traded from RUB178.00 per kilo.

Freshfrozen Norwegian trout headed 1.7-2.7 is marketed from RUB150.00 per kilo.

Wholesale prices ex-coldstore in Saint Petersburg, dateline 15 January 2008


Price ex-coldstore/vessel, RUB per kilo

Herring 350+


Herring 400+


Freshfrozen Pink salmon, head-on gutted, 22 kilo box


Freshfrozen Spotted sea cat, headed, Murmansk


Freshfrozen Blue sea cat, Murmansk


Freshfrozen Squid tubes, Nakhodka


Freshfrozen Chum salmon head-on gutted


Freshfrozen Alaska pollock headed 30+, 22 kilo box


Freshfrozen Capelin 40-50, Iceland

from 28.00

Freshfrozen Pangasius, HGT, Vietnam


Freshfrozen Haddock headed, 1-, Murmansk


Freshfrozen Blue whiting, n4, Murmansk


Wholesale prices ex-coldstore in Vladivostok, dateline 15 January 2008


Price ex-coldstore, RUB per kilo

Freshfrozen Pink salmon (silverside) head-on gutted


Freshfrozen Chum salmon (silverside) head-on gutted


Whitebelly sole


Cod headed S, M, L


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