Outlook for Russian fisheries in Murmansk-led North Basin in May 2009

May 18, 2009 16:39

Taking into account the general conditions noticed in the previous years, in the course of May 2009 the fishing efforts in the Norwegian EEZ will continue decreasing in number as the bulk of large cod and haddock will stay in the territorial sea especially in the beginning of the month with a consequent move to the feeding grounds located on more northern and eastern grounds, fishery sources in Murmansk told www.fishnet-russia.com (https://www.fishnet.ru/) in early May 2009.

As the spent fish migrates to the feeding grounds, the situation beyond the Norwegian EEZ will get better. Counting upon such migrations the shipowners will try to boost the number of the fishing efforts in the south part of Spitsbergen, in the Grey Zone and in the western part of the Russian EEZ. The operators hope for satisfactory conditions on the grounds of cod and haddock, though due to the fleet's moves and the fish migration the total harvest as compared to April 2009 may decrease by 5-10%. The bulk of the saithe harvest will remain within the Norwegian EEZ, therefore its harvest may decrease by 15-25%. The blue whiting fishery in the course of May will continue only within the Faroese fishing zone with a gradual shift northwards, during the month spent fish will be migrating to the feeding grounds in the Norwegian Sea. Smaller density of the concentrations in the period of migrations may result into a decrease of catch volumes on April 2009 by 10-15%. The fishery of ocean perch Sebastes mentella in May 2009 will develop further. Usually, May is the most favourable period for fishery on the grounds along the south border of the Icelandic zone. However, taking into account possible redistribution of most of the concentrations and the need to keep searching for more efficient grounds, the fishery conditions and the total harvest of ocean perch in May 2009 is likely to come down on the corresponding result of 2008. At the recent international consultations for ocean perch management measures in the NEAFC headquarters in London (9-11 February 2009), despite insistent proposals of the other sides to considerably decrease capture quotas in 2009 by 20%, the Russian delegation has pressed for retaining the level of the harvest 2008 and the capture quota at 29,480 tonnes.

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