Outlook for Russian fisheries in Murmansk-led North Basin in March 2009

March 5, 2009 16:23

Taking into account the fishery conditions and current legislation, no considerable changes in the location of the Russian fleets in the Barents Sea are expected in March 2009, fishery sources in Murmansk told www.fishnet-russia.com (https://www.fishnet.ru/).

Most of the vessels will continue fishing in the Norwegian EEZ. The shipowners expect improved fishery conditions in the narrow zone along the border of the Norwegian territorial waters to the west and southwest of the North Cape beyond the borders of the Barents Sea. The harvest of large cod and haddock may grow by 10-15%, while the saithe catches are expected to increase by 20%. The capelin fishery in the Barents Sea may enjoy the most favourable conditions. The bulk of large mature fish will spread already in the inshore waters along the shores of West Murman and the Northern Norway. Therefore the shipowners are keen to send to the sea the largest possible number of vessels in order to improve the situation with the take-up of big quotas. In the second half of the month a considerable part of the fleet may be working already in the Norwegian EEZ, where the prespawning fish will be concentrating in the narrow inshore zone to the west of the North Cape. According to the operators, abundant spawning of capelin in the Norwegian EEZ may begin closer to the middle of the closing ten days of March 2009.

Resumption of the herring fishery in the Norwegian Sea is hardly possible in March 2009. Favourable conditions for the blue whiting fishery will be observed only in the international waters of the Rockall Bank, where along the border of the 200-mile zone large roe and spawning fish will be concentrating. The fishery's diminution may start in late March, when some of spent blue whiting will begin moving to the north for feeding in the Norwegian Sea. The landings of blue whiting will depend mostly on the number of the fishing efforts in the area.

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