Outlook for Russian fisheries in Murmansk-led North Basin in June 2009

June 8, 2009 15:52
In June 2009 in the Barents Sea the whole Murmansk-based Russian fleet will be conducting cod and haddock fishery with the bycatch of other demersal fish on the feeding grounds allocated in the eastern and northern parts of the sea beyond the Norwegian EEZ, fishery sources in Murmansk told www.fishnet-russia.com (https://www.fishnet.ru/) in early June 2009.

Normally June is one of the most favourable periods for fisheries in the Russian waters (up to the slopes of the Goose Bank) and in the waters of Spitsbergen (to the southeast of the Hope Island). Taking into account comparably stable condition of the stocks, the shipowners will be able to increase their cod and haddock harvest in June 2009 by 10-20%. A noticeable increase of saithe catches beyond the Norwegian EEZ is unlikely. Probably by the end of the month one Murmansk shipowner will start the shrimp fishery in the north of the Grey Zone, in the adjacent waters of the enclave and the Bear Spitsbergen area. The blue whiting fishery in the course of June 2009 will be carried out only in the open part of the Norwegian Sea where on the international grounds the Russian fishermen will be able to harvest herring.

The Russian quota of blue whiting in the NEAFC waters in 2009 has been set at 60,000 tonnes (-49,000 tonnes). The fishery regulatory measures also admit the possibility of blue whiting fishery by the Russian vessels in the enclave from the blue whiting quotas in the Norwegian EEZ (10,300 tonnes) and the Faroese fishing zone (30,000 tonnes).

In the third ten days of June the conditions for direct abundant fishery of mackerel may emerge in the surface waters in the south of the enclave. The Russian quota in the NEAFC waters in 2009 amounts to 29,700 tonnes and the quota in the Faroese fishing zone has been set at 12,800 tonnes. The conditions for the blue whiting and mackerel fisheries are expected to be on the multi-annual level with a gradual shift of the fishing scene northwards up to 66-67 degrees North. The Russian herring quota 2009 in the Norwegian Sea has been approved at 210,600 tonnes. The ocean perch fishery in the Irminger Sea will most probably be carried out on separate grounds to the west of the 30th degree West and it is forecasted to be occasionally instable. The catch rise as compared to June 2008 is unlikely. The Russian quota of ocean perch in the international waters of the Irminger Sea in 2009 has been set at 29,400 tonnes and 2100 tonnes of ocean perch may be harvested in the Eastern sector of Greenland's fishing zone, and if needed a part of the latter volume may be covered in the waters of Western Greenland and in the NEAFC waters.

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