Outlook for capelin, herring, black halibut and shrimp operations in 2008

October 31, 2007 15:37

At the recent 36th meeting of the Mixed Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission the parties have examined the scientific data on the condition of the capelin stock to conclude that the spawning stock is now at a low level due to natural fluctuations of the abundance. Therefore, the sides have decided not to conduct commercial fishery of capelin in the coming year 2008.

However, limited catches will be possible for the scientific purposes for the sake of improving the procedure of estimating the condition of the stock.

Atlanto-Scandian spring spawning herring

The parties have confirmed that the main target for the year 2008 is to maintain the multilateral regime of management of the Atlanto-Scandian spring spawning herring stock.

Black halibut

According to the minutes of the meeting, the sides have decided to extend the ban for dedicated black halibut fishery into 2008.

The Norwegians have informed the Russian counterparts that they will however conduct a limited inshore fishery in traditional volumes by traditional fishing gear in the areas under the Norwegian jurisdiction. The allowable bycatch of black halibut in other fisheries has been set at 12% per each particular catch and 7% of the total onboard harvest at the moment when the harvester discontinues the fishery operations as well as of the landed catch.

Russia has in its turn advised that it will conduct an experimental black halibut fishery in the inshore zone of the Barents Sea by various fishing gear in the areas of the Russian jurisdiction.


According to the minutes of the 36th meeting of the Mixed Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission, the parties have agreed that the use of selective grids is obligatory for all types of the shrimp fishery in zones of the both countries' jurisdiction.

The bycatch of juvenile cod in the shrimp fishery should not exceed 800 fish per tonne of shrimp, while that of haddock, ocean perch and black halibut should not exceed correspondingly 2000, 300 and 300 fish per tonne of shrimp.

When closing the fishing area due to excessive bycatch of black halibut or juvenile cod, haddock and ocean perch the decision of the fishing area's closure or opening comes into effect 7 days after the sides have informed each other on the decision. The decision of the fishing area's closure or opening comes into immediate effect for the vessels of two countries obtaining the information about it directly from the responsible bodies.

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