Outlook for capelin, black halibut and redfish operations in 2007

November 16, 2006 11:20

At the recent 35th meeting of the Mixed Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission the parties have confirmed their strategy of the capelin stock management to make sure that maximum possible TAC should provide for a 95% probability that at least 200,000 tonnes of capelin would take part in the spawning.

Meanwhile the submitted scientific data indicate that currently the spawning stock is at a low level due to natural fluctuations of the abundance.

Accordingly, Russia and Norway have agreed not to conduct a commercial capelin fishery in 2007 opting instead for a limited harvest for research purposes towards improved methods of stock abundance assessment. 

Black halibut

According to the minutes of the meeting, it was decided to extend the ban for directed black halibut fishery into 2007.

The Norwegians have informed the Russian counterparts that they will however conduct a limited inshore fishery in traditional volumes by traditional fishing gear in the areas under the Norwegian jurisdiction.

Russia has it its turn advised that it will conduct an experimental black halibut fishery in the inshore zone of the Barents Sea by various fishing gear in the areas of the Russian jurisdiction.


The parties have discussed the stock abundance of the redfishes (S. mentella, S. marinus) admitting the fact of their highly depleted condition, which causes serious concern.

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