Organizers inviting Russian fish businesses to take part in 4th China International Fishery & Seafood Expo

January 13, 2009 16:23

Organizers hope that the forthcoming event will see a greater participation of Russian fish businesses in the most influential Fishery & Seafood show in East China, a spokesman of the organizing company told ( ).

 According to the spokesman, China's sustained rapid economic growth and fast-rising per capita income have created a increasingly lucrative market for fishery and seafood exporters all over the world. As incomes have risen, consumption of food grains has fallen and consumption of meat, fish and seafood have increased. Seafood, a sign of affluence, is a special beneficiary of this trend. China's growing population of young and sophisticated consumers (located primarily in the major cities) is willing to purchase imported seafood products, in part for their status but also because imported seafood is believed to be of higher quality, coming from a cleaner environment. According to a recent report by Glitnir Bank, seafood consumption in China increased rapidly from 11.5kg per person in 1990 to 25.4kg in 2004, and is predicted to increase to 35.9kg/year in 2020 (an increase of 41 per cent). The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture says it expects the country's per capita consumption of aquatic products to rise to 12kg/year by 2010. The annual growth rate for aquatic products consumption is around 11%. In 2006, China's global fish and seafood imports totaled more than $3 billion. In the year of 2007, import turnover of aquatic products in China approached 5 billion twofold than 4 year ago. Seafood consumption continues to be higher in coastal provinces and in major cities.

Shanghai, the biggest economic and commercial city in China, the hub of Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle. As the improvement of living conditioning of people in this region, the demand for more diversified and healthy way of diet is rising. The nutritive and aboundant aquatic products from all over the world is the favorite for the coastal residents, consumers. The coastal residents can afford to consume any varieties of aquatic products at any level. In face of the global economic recession, businessmen show their uneasiness and pessimism, but actually this threat have little adverse impact to fishey&seafood industry which belongs to agricultural sector. China's huge consumption capability and strong purchasing power will definitely soften even delete the threat global ecnomic recession posed.

The 4th China International Fishey&Seafood Expo (, the most influential Fishery & Seafood show in East China,will take place on Dec 9-12, 2009, at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, covering area of 8000M sq.m (about 400 standard Booth), this is the significant opportunity you can't miss to meet the high-end importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and end-users from East China even whole China before China New Year of 2010. This is the best platform for you to promote your brand and expand chinese huge fishery and seafood market.

Now contact the organizer for your own booth please.


Contact person Daniel, International department Manager of Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd ( )

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