Orca Bay Seafoods: New Springtime Grillers Seafood Giftpack

October 14, 2010 12:44

Orca Bay is announcing the new Springtime Grillers Seafood Giftpack from Orca Bay Seafoods! 3lbs of Swordfish Kabobs and 3lbs of whole Snow Crab clusters, perfect for throwing right on the grill, reports http://www.megafishnet.com/ with reference to Orca Bay Seafoods.

Also added is a pound of Mexican White Shrimp and Beaver brand seafood cocktail sauce. All for under $50, and delivered straight to the customer's door.

Seafood Gift Packs combine the most prize catches from the waters of Alaska with the delicious flavor of Large Mexican Shrimp and North Atlantic Scallops. These assortments are unparalleled in quality and value.

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