Optimistic forecast for salmon fishery in the Russian Far East in 2007

February 6, 2007 13:02

Russian scientists say that weather changes are going to lead not only to increased runs of salmons to Sakhalin and the Kuriles, but along all the entire coastline of the Russian Far East as well. Taking into account the above stipulation the scientists estimated the salmon TAC for all the regions of the Far East at 424,000 tonnes including 320,000 tonnes of pink salmon, according to reports from the area.

In the meantime, in the recent years the fishermen of the Russian Far East would harvest no more than 280,000 tonnes of salmons.

The abundance growth can be explained by increasing temperature of the surface waters in the ocean to result into growth of plankton abundance and consequently to enhancement of feed base for salmon.


The TAC 2007 in Sakhalin is recommended at 159,400 tonnes of pink salmon and 20,700 tonnes of chum salmon. That is the largest volume which has ever been forecasted for Sakhalin through the period of more than 100 years, according to SakhNIRO research institute based in Sakhalin.


Meanwhile, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is also making positive projections for salmon harvest in 2007 with an increase of about 21% on the previous year.

Should the both forecasts come true, the supply of salmon will considerably increase during the forthcoming seasons.

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