One more trout farm springing up in the Russian North-West

December 21, 2007 13:06


In Pskov region (in the North-West of Russian Federation, bordering Latvia and Estonia), namely in Gdov (not far from St. Petersburg) the first of cage farming line has been launched. The farm is called Vetvennik and the total area of the first site is 1,000 square meters with a production capacity of 100 tonnes of market-sized trout per year.

The construction was financed through a loan in the context of the state program of agro- industrial complex development.

The Vetvennik farm is to launch one more line of cages before the end of the current year. In 2007 the company is planning to invest RUB 17.7 million in its production lines apart from the funds to be spent on feeds and fry.

In 2007 the farm Vetvennik produced 25 tonnes of fish for the 10 month period and next year the farmers plan to raise more than 100 tonnes of trout. The fish will be marketed in Pskov region, in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The first 100 kg of trout produced in the new cages were traded in the Region's Fair Autumn 2007.

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