Omega Protein Reports Fishing Vessel Lost in the Gulf of Mexico

May 23, 2011 11:53

Omega Protein Corporation reported that late in the evening on May 18, 2011, an Omega Protein vessel, the F/V SANDY POINT, was involved in a collision with a commercial cargo vessel, the EURUS LONDON, in Mississippi waters approximately eight miles south of Gulfport, Mississippi near Ship Island. As a result of the collision, the F/V SANDY POINT took on water and sank, reports with reference to Omega Protein.

 At the time of the collision, 16 crew members were aboard Omega Protein's vessel. Authorities have accounted for 13 of Omega Protein's crew members. A search and rescue effort currently is underway for the remaining 3 crew members.

 "We are assisting the U.S. Coast Guard and the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources in the search for our remaining crew members," said Joe von Rosenberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Our main concern at this time is for our missing 3 crew members and their families."

About Omega Protein

Omega Protein Corporation is a nutrition and wellness company dedicated to delivering healthy products to the animal, human and plant nutrition industries. Omega Protein's marine product lines are sourced from menhaden, an Omega-3 rich fish harvested along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

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