OctoFrost - premium quality langoustine product

December 8, 2010 10:54

Scottish langoustine is the main production of the Braehead (SFO Enterprises) Ltd processing unit in Fraserburgh, Scotland, reports http://www.megafishnet.com/ with reference to IQF Frost AB.

Scottish langoustine is the main production of the Braehead (SFO Enterprises) Ltd processing unit in Fraserburgh, Scotland.

They are very successful with superior langoustine tail product offered to exclusive buyers throughout Europe.

Experienced Operations Manager Dale Bellamy at Brahead. says: "After a thorough scrutiny for required procedures to achieve what we wanted, it was time to go ahead. One of our existing plants was revamped. All old plate freezers were taken out and modern scampi processing line and iqf freezer were brought in. Now we produce the "best Scampi's in the world" and deliver to demanding customers all over Europe. Our customers always come back and they are prepared to pay premium price for our deliveries"

Brahead achieved this quality thanks to a well thought process and the OctoFrost freezer that locks in the natural moisture, gives a much higher meat yield on thawing and a better bite. It also enhances the product appearance trough a transparent crystal hard glaze.

This production process has established the brand as a market leader in quality, and won the approval of top Scottish chef Nick Nairn who was so impressed with both the frozen and defrosted quality that he was happy to lend his name and reputation to the product.

Ruben Larsson, MD of IQF Frost, comments: "From the very beginning Dale Bellamy understood the advantages of our new innovative technology. The OctoFrost is adaptable to many different types of seafood and non-seafood products, and always delivers the expected performance."

Facts about IQF Frost and the OctoFrost

  • The OctoFrost uses circulating, bubbling and fixed bed fluidisation to produce individually quick frozen products with uniform temperature to the core, an excellent natural appearance, no clumping, and no damage to fragile products.
  • IQF Frost focuses on performance to enhance the appearance, shape, colour and separation of frozen products. This provides customers with premium quality products that achieve premium prices.
  • Unlike traditional IQF belt freezers, the OctoFrost uses a patented feature that moves product on a semi-fluidised bed.
  • IQF Frost has used innovative design and materials to ensure the OctoFrost is fast and simple to clean. It is the only freezer on the market able to keep listeria out. OctoFrost offers Food Safety, and customers in the sensitive seafood, meat, dairy and ready to eat industries, have used the OctoFrost for years without experiencing bacterial problems.
  • Ingenious application of thermo dynamical principles has resulted in proven, exceptional low weight loss and high yields during the freezing process.
  • A compact design means the OctoFrost occupies a fraction of the space required by traditional technology.
  • The OctoFrost is available with fully welded stainless steel enclosure.
  • IQF Frost has a worldwide customer base. More than 25% of the freezers sold are repeat orders or multiple freezer installations.
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