Ocean Trawlers announce an updated policy on sustainable fishery

April 15, 2010 12:06

In recent years, world fisheries have become a market-driven, dynamically developing sector of the food industry and coastal States have striven to take advantage of their new opportunities by investing in modem fishing fleets and processing factories in response to growing international demand for fish and fishery products, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Ocean Trawlers.

This development in combination with weak controls and surveillance in some of the states around the Barents Sea have led to over fishing. Consequently, IUU fishing has become a threat to the sustainability of various species. Sustainability has therefore become an overriding issue for the industry and must be seriously addressed by the leading operators, Ocean Trawlers Group being one of them.

A sustainable business stands an excellent chance of being more successful tomorrow than it is today, and remaining successful, not just for months or even years, but for decades or generations. Sustainable organizations generate and live off interest rather than depleting their capital. Capital in this context includes natural resources, such as water, air, sources of energy and foodstuffs. It also includes human and social assets - from worker commitment to community support - as well as economic resources, such as a license to operate, a respective marketplace, and legal and economic infrastructure.

Read more about Ocean Trawlers sustainable fisheries policies here.

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