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The new Strategy for Combating Illegal Trade in Industrial Products in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025 was approved by the Government Decree No. 256 of February 6, 2021. The previous strategy was valid for the period up to 2020, reports

The TAD «Kurily» (the territory of advanced social and economic development in the Kurile Islands) will be expanded to carry out new investment projects associated with the fish sector. The respective order was signed by Russia’s PM Mikhail Mishustin on February 20, 2021, reports

Kamchatka outlines ambitious plans for 2021 / February 18, 2021 16:53, paid article

Businesses based in Kamchatka have big plans for 2021 as regards new fish processing factories and fishing vessels, reports

Russia’s pollock sector strategy under fire / February 18, 2021 16:06, paid article

Critics claim that the main stake of the Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries on pollock processing at sea is wrong leading to excessive export bias while the needs of the domestic consumption are increasingly neglected, reports Megafishnet com.


The fishermen of the Russian Far East do not see quick prospects for resolving the problems of pollock products delivery to China and, together with the government, are looking for ways to strategically re-develop the industry in order to exclude a repetition of the situation, reports

Russia to ship up to 50KT of fish along Northern Sea Route / February 10, 2021 00:26, paid article

Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries (FAF) expects that in 2021 up to 50KT of fish may be shipped from the Russian Far East to the Western Russia along the Northern Sea Route, reports

In January 2021 few Russian trawlers were targeting various species at East and West Greenland, NAFO regulatory area and in the Mauritanian EEZ, reports


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