November Russian Fish Report highlights great business prospects

November 16, 2007 10:49

The November RFR published yesterday on our site features great business prospects and developments on Russian seafood market.

More details are available in the contents as below:


Russias Government signed order defining powers of State Fisheries Committee

Law on port zones signed by Russias President

Russias Lower House completes final reading of draft law on marine ports

Amended law on fishery to favour law-abiding quota holders

Murmansk fishermen discussing sustainability issues with MSC

National Fish Quality to return under State Fisheries Committee

Russias fishery research institutes facing vertical integration

State Fisheries Committee outlining new policy for capture quota allocation

Government to upgrade quota entitlement system towards greater sustainability


Deadline for Norwegian pelagic exports only from Russia-approved plants postponed

Russias veterinary head met with Koreas ambassador to discuss seafood issues

Russian vet service circulates extended list of approved Vietnamese exporters of seafood

Russian vets to check Australian seafood plants

Russian vets arresting meat and fish products without veterinary documents


Overview of freshfrozen fish market of Saint Petersburg and other regions as per mid-November 2007

Russian seafood imports displaying further boom

Dramatic increases of Norwegian seafood export to Russia and other CIS countries

Russian market seeks new sources of black caviar supply

Hiking railway tariffs push seafood prices to consumer resistance limit

Frozen fish market situation in Murmansk as per 6 November 2007

Frozen fish market situation in Murmansk as per 31 October 2007

Frozen fish market situation in Murmansk as per 23 October 2007

Russia reports nine-months catch results


TACs 2008 for the Russian Far East getting environmental approval

Fishery outlook for November 2007 in the Russian Far East

Fishery overview in the seas of the Russian Far East in October 2007

Poor abundance of Alaska pollock in the Sea of Japan


Mixed Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission setting cod quotas for 2008

Outlook for red king crab supply from Murmansk-led North Basin in 2008

Outlook for capelin, herring, black halibut and shrimp operations in 2008

Russian fisheries in North Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic on 1-7 November 2007

Russian fisheries in North Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic in October 2007

Russian fisheries in North Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic on 24-31 October 2007

Russian fisheries in North Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic on 16-23 October 2007

Results of inshore fishing operations in Murmansk province in January-September 2007

Results of fishing operations of Murmansk companies in January-September 2007

Russia reports promising results of stock abundance surveys in the Kara Sea


Russian Sea Companys red caviar awarded kosher certificate

Russian Sea Company launches spectacular line of roe and caviar products for retail chains

Exotic fish range to be launched by Saint-Petersburg fish combine

Moscow-based operator investing 10 million euro in processing project

Bleak results of Murmansk Fish Port operations in January-September 2007

Russia talking with Portuguese investor to build fish processing factory in Spitsbergen


State Corporation to take off with capital of 1 billion USD

Ministry of Industry and Energy approved strategy of shipbuilding sector until 2020

Fleet and factory renewal will profit from soft bank loans


Draft law on aquaculture published for consultation with the industry

Vladivostok scientists ready to generate good supply of sea cucumbers for on-growth

Results of Murmansk fish farmers in January-September 2007 indicative of future growth

New salmon farm launched in Liinahamari near Murmansk

Big trout farming project in Tambov province taking shape

Khabarovsk salmon hatcheries filled up with salmon eggs

Trout now farmed in Komi in the north of Russia

Russias Komi Republic to accelerate breeding of trout and sturgeon species

Big plans for farmed output in Russias Olympics region

Mixed fodder producer in Saint Petersburg diversifying into trout farming

APPENDIX 1: Fairs & Exhibitions

APPENDIX 2: Catches of Russian fishing companies in 1 January-31 October 2007/2006

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