Norwegian Seafood sets new February export record

March 6, 2010 09:28

The value of Norwegian seafood exports up to the end of February 2010 totalled NOK 7.7 billion. This is an increase of NOK 831 million or 12% compared to the same period in 2009, according to figures from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC). Exports for the month of February totalled no less than NOK 4.2 billion, an increase of NOK 650 million or 18.5%. These figures mark new export records for both February month alone and the January-February period, reports with reference to NSEC.

 "The growth in Norwegian seafood exports is attributable primarily to growth in Norwegian Salmon exports," says director of market information Egil Ove Sundheim from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council. "As a result of strong market demand, we are exporting greater volumes of Norwegian Salmon and at higher prices, which has resulted in growth in exports of NOK 892 million compared with the first two months of last year."

Prices and volume of Norwegian Salmon exports up

At the end of February, exports of Norwegian Salmon were up in value by NOK 3.8 billion and in volume by 19% to a total of 112,000 tonnes. The price of fresh whole Norwegian Salmon has increased by almost NOK 3 NOK 31.37 since the turn of the year and in February touched NOK 33.67. Exports to the USA this year to date are up by no less than NOK 222 million or 253%, making this the biggest growth market. France remains the biggest market for Norwegian Salmon, with exports up in value by 7% to NOK 557 million compared to 2009.

Prices of herring and mackerel down

Despite slight growth in export volume, the value of exports of herring declined by NOK 113 million to a total value for the first two months of the year of NOK 1 billion. This is due primarily to lower prices in key markets such as Russia and Ukraine. Exports of mackerel were down by NOK 12 million to a total value of NOK 350 million. Russia and China are the most important markets, although falling prices have resulted in the value of exports declining.

Growth in exports of fresh Norwegian Cod

Exports of fresh Norwegian Cod including fillets increased by 31% or NOK 55 million to a total of NOK 232 million. The biggest growth was seen in markets such as Denmark and Sweden, while exports to France took a sharp drop.

Growth in exports of clipfish and salted fish

Exports of clipfish increased in the January-February period by NOK 29 million to a total value of NOK 676 million. This increase is accounted for by Norwegian Cod clipfish and in particular growth in exports to Brazil.

Exports of salted fish this year to date increased by NOK 45 million or 55% to a total value of NOK 127 million. Portugal has increased its imports by 107%, Greece by 57 % and Spain by 32%. The total volume of exports has grown by 86%, although lower prices compared with those of a year ago mean that the value of exports shows a more modest increase.

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