Norwegian salmon prices continue growing on Russian seafood market

June 1, 2010 12:49

Wholesale prices of Norwegian salmon on Russian seafood market have considerably increased and the market is looking upwards probably to draw in other species in the wake, reports with reference to Fish Alliance.

More specifically, as per the last week of May 2010 salmon prices increased by RUB10 per kilo on the average going beyond the psychological price barrier of RUB300 per kilo. Currently, Moscow traders offer the fish at RUB305 - 315 per kilo. Share of salmon and trout on the Russian seafood market amounts to 12% and taking into account the volume of import of salmon and trout of about 100.000 tonnes such price increase can make quite an impact on the market situation and increase the retail price of salted salmon fillets and slices from current ca.RUB750.00 per kilo to RUB900.00 - 1000.00 per kilo.

In 2010 the price increase rate may step over the previous year level and amount to 14 - 15% followed by possible price increase of other fish species.

It is speculated that the price increase of Atlantic salmon is fuelled by growing demand on world salmon market accompanied by decreasing of supplies from Chile and Norway being unable to produce more salmon on the one hand and decrease of catches of Pacific salmon species in the Russian Far East on the other hand where the harvest is expected to amount 350.000 - 400.000 tonnes in 2010 against 540.000 tonnes in the year 2009. Meanwhile largest importers of Atlantic salmon - France, Japan and Russia increase import volumes.

Salmon and trout price growth may also be driven by decreasing numbers of both Norwegian exporters and Russian importers. More specifically, the number of Norwegian exporters certified for exportation to the Russian Federation dropped from 50 to 20 plants while the number of Russian importers approved for importation to Russia decreased from 60 to 15 ones.

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