Norwegian exporters frantically shipping herring to Russia

September 28, 2006 12:49

In the second half of September the Norwegian exporters have been frantically shipping herring products to Russia disposing of some of their herring inventories remaining from the last season. The exported products were mainly herring 300+ and belly flaps, according to trading sources in Saint Petersburg which is the main entry port for seafood importation into Russia.

The excitement has been caused by potential suspension of all seafood imports from Norway due to overnight requirement of EU veterinary import permits and factory approvals to be enforced on Norwegian exporters by the Russian vet authorities as of 1 October 2006 on the grounds of alleged numerous cases of falsified export certificates.

For some time the situation remained vague and the Norwegians “have been shipping everything they could” and market analysts assume that the herring inventories of the Russian importers must have considerably grown as a result.

Meanwhile, further late-September reports say that Russia and Norway have found a provisional solution for the crisis at the diplomatic level. However, no details have been available close to end of September.

In this context, reports are coming that the Norwegian herring season may be affected by the market uncertainty. The Russian importers are closely watching the situation as this year the fishery for the species is starting with a delay. As per late-September the Norwegian herring boats have already been to the grounds several times, but with no or little success. Fishable schools have been few and catches have been slow.

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