Norway launching three-year campaign on herring and salmon promotion in Ukraine

November 5, 2009 15:35

In the year 2009 for the first time in the recent years Norway has considerably increased its Atlantic salmon exports to the Ukraine. In this connection Norwegian Seafood Export Council has decided to allocate a marketing budget to promote Atlantic salmon and herring on the Ukrainian market, reports ( with reference to Fishindustry.

The campaign aimed at promoting Norwegian fish in the Ukraine has been conducted for a long time, but in the nearest three years Norway is planning to expand its scale.

As one of the first steps, NSEC is planning to cooperate with the Ukrainian processors of Norwegian fish by means of conducting mutual tastings in the Ukrainian supermarkets. Such tastings will be mostly aimed at building direct contacts with final consumers at the moment of purchase. Apart from the tastings, the Council offers the Ukrainian producers to label the products under Norge TM symbolizing the quality of the Norwegian seafood.

At the present moment cooperation with media sources is the main direction of promoting the Norwegian seafood in the Ukraine. NSEC organizes trips of Ukrainian journalists to Norway so that they could report about production technologies and healthiness of Norwegian fish.

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