North America seafood companies looking for sources of sustainable Russian salmon

March 13, 2010 09:51

Several North America seafood companies have expressed interest in working with SFP to identify sources of sustainable salmon in the Russian Far East (RFE) in Sakhalin Island, reports with reference to Sustainable Fisheries Partnership update issued on 12 March 2010.

SFP is assisting the Wild Salmon Center in launching several regional improvement partnerships on Sakhalin Island to move fisheries toward MSC certification.

Some time ago SFP and Wild Salmon Center led a trip to Sakhalin Island for major buyers from North America and Europe. The buyers visited a number of trap fisheries, processing plants, hatcheries, and government offices, providing the buyers with first-hand information of fishery conditions in Sakhalin Island and issues salmon producers currently face.

The buyers expressed their support for sustainable development of Sakhalin salmon resources.

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