Nordic Group Introduces akvacobia Farm-Raised Cobia, The Newest Fish for the Menu

February 3, 2011 09:05

 Nordic Group has introduced frozen farm-raised cobia under the akvacobiaTM brand name. Available year round in quantities that can supply U.S. demand, akvacobia is grown by Marine Farms Vietnam, reports with reference to AkvaCobia.

In spite of cobia's relative anonymity in North America, many chefs expect this to be the next seafood sensation. Cobia resembles Chilean sea bass and has a flavor similar to swordfish or yellowfin tuna. A versatile fish, cobia tastes great grilled, broiled, roasted, or pan sautéed. Due to its white meat, excellent flavor and firm texture, it is ideal for sashimi and sushi. It is healthy and nutritious with more Omega-3s than salmon.

"We worked hard with chefs in culinary evaluations," says Harvey Lipman, Director of New Business Development for the Nordic Group. "akvacobia proves to be outstanding across many cooking platforms and recipe applications. Flavor is excellent. Texture is consistently medium firm. Under the wide range of conditions, akvacobia always maintains its moisture. As a sashimi grade product, the quality is always top of the line. The unique skinless, boneless long loin, based on the Japanese five-piece cut, offers chefs 100% usable meat."

Cobia grows to marketable size in just one year. The species is ideally suited for aquaculture. Marine Farms Vietnam grows cobia in deep-water pens with low population densities. Cobia is fed the same fish feed as salmon, but without the color additive.

Addressing the health and sustainability issues related to aquaculture, Marine Farms applies the Norwegian-developed MOM Environmental Standard to monitor the local impact of its operations. These standards are the most stringent in the aquaculture industry.

"Besides the many obvious benefits of cobia, it's even more attractive because Marine Farms grows this fish in a truly responsible way, with a minimal impact to the environment," said Terje Korsnes, president and CEO of Nordic Group. "Now we have a fish that tastes great with many health benefits, but more importantly, one that's friendly to the environment." For more information on akvacobia, visit

About Nordic Group

Since 1967, Nordic Group, with offices in Boston and Trondheim, Norway, has built a reputation as the global experts in sourcing premium frozen seafood for the U.S. market. For more information about Nordic Group, Inc., visit

About Marine Farms Vietnam

Marine Farms Vietnam is a subsidiary of Marine Farms ASA based in Bergen, Norway. They are the world's largest producers of farm-raised cobia.

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