Non-biodegradable netting ban not to affect needs of Russian fishing fleet

March 31, 2009 16:27

Introduced in 2009 ban for importation of cheap non-biodegradable netting importation to Russia will not apply to the netting for the fishing fleet after the nation's government approves the corresponding amendments to the law probably in the beginning of April, reports ( with reference to Vostok-Media.

The ban aimed at cracking down on small scale poachers using cheap non-biodegradable netting has actually дув to temporary standstill for a number of Russian trawl manufacturers. For instance, Murmansk-based factories supplying fishing gear to the region's fleets have been complaining that the decision has put them behind their production schedules. One factory has been already staying idle as containers with raw material for trawls remained stuck at the customs.

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