October 16, 2007 17:01

http://www.fishnet-ru/ ( ) - the leading Russian  interregional and international fish portal is pleased to offer you a highly eeficient promotional campaign to boost your company's business on the Russian booming seafood market. hits a targeted group of seafood professionals including fish market operators and distributors, and seafood traders. 540,000 hits, 36,000 visitors for a period of three months with a focus on Moscow, Saint Petersburg and fishing regions, etc. Visitors from all other countries but for Russia exceed 9000 (more than 140,000 hits).

The number of foreign visitors is expected to grow substantially via advertising in Eurofish full-colour bimonthly, advertising campaign in the international seafood exhibitions and via direct-mail shots.

SEARCH ENGINE RATING  is in the forefront in terms of seafood on Russia's leading internet search engine Yandex (e.g. search on "рыба" (fish), "куплю рыбу» (buy fish), «продам рыбу» (sell fish), «рыба оптом» (fish wholesale)) is in the forefront in terms of seafood on leading internet search engine Google (e.g. search on "Russian fish market", "Russian fish exporters», «Russian fish importers», «Russian fish»)

Starting in autumn and through the whole 2008 we will organize and provide for you personally a promo campaign on the Russian language part of our website and in Russian information bulletin RK-PROFI published weekly and subscribed to by Russian seafood elite.

Within the campaign we will create in the Russian language your company page in the section BEST COMPANIES at the top part of our Russian language website and as a bonus we will place the information in Russian RK-PROFI news letter.

Design of Russian page gives opportunity to place the whole information about your company including logo, full description, your type of business, products' list, photos, contact information etc.

Moreover it is possible to place your information on the site in the form of banners, video reels on Fish TV.

We offer the following advertisement packs:



Design and placement of company page in Russian in section Best companies

Publication in RK-Profi news letter (BONUS)


Placement in section Yellow Pages  RK-PROFI news letter


Regular price

Price with discount


PERIOD of placement

Bronze Fish

1 month

Bonus at customer's wish


on request

*on request

Silver Fish

3 months

Bonus at customer's wish

3 publications (at customer's wish)

on request

**on request

Gold Fish

6 months

Bonus at customer's wish

6 publications (at customer's)

on request

***on request

*        -  10% discount

**      -  15% discount

***     -  20% discount



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