New Simrad ES70 improves catch efficiency with multiple new features

February 15, 2010 09:45

Simrad, one of the world's most recognized brands within professional fishing electronics showed its brand new echo sounder, the ES70, for the first time at the World Fishing exhibition last fall. The new product is now shipping, reports with reference to SIMRAD.

The new, high quality echo sounder system is based on the famous Simrad ES60, which is presently the clear market leader in echo sounders for the professional fishing industry, with over 3500 vessels using it to improve catch efficiency worldwide.

"With such a strong ES60 user-base, we have had to work very hard to make the ES70 even better than its predecessor, and I believe we have achieved that goal," comments Mads Dahl, Sales & Marketing Director, Simrad.

"We have also had to consider the thousands of existing users, so reflecting our long tradition of prioritizing existing customers whenever a new product is launched, the upgrade path to the ES70 is very straightforward and cost-effective. We hope that the majority of ES60 users will take advantage of this over the coming months."

The new ES70 is an extremely flexible solution, as it can operate with various different transceivers and transducers, from 18 kHz up to 333 kHz as single beam or split-beam depending on the depth requirements. It includes all the features found on the ES60, with also a number of sophisticated additions and enhancements that help to make it easier to use and to improve catch efficiency, including:
New user friendly operating software: intuitive menu structure with multiple languages for quick and easy to understand operation
New automatic features: range dependant pulse length, seamless auto range and screen history memory buffer
New bottom detector: improved fish/bottom separation performance
New bottom hardness calculator: more efficiency for fishing including scallopers and other shellfish fisheries
New zoom window: fish size and volume in user selected area; move zoom area on screen to measure fish size and school density on different targets
New 3D fish plot view: Cone view presents the fish plot in relation to vessel and depth.

"With the introduction of the ES70 echo sounder, Simrad strengthens its position as the market leader in high end echo sounders," continues Dahl.

"Many echo sounders on the market offer attractive feature sets but it is much harder to match the high performance that the ES70 provides. With consistent and trustworthy performance, like its predecessor, the ES70 is set to become a key tool for efficient and sustainable fishery."

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