New salmon farm launched in Liinahamari near Murmansk

October 22, 2007 12:16

Russian Salmon farm has been recently launched in Liinahamari near Murmansk after a two-year period of the project's development, according to Murman.Ru.

A Norwegian vessel has already brought 300,000 Atlantic salmon fry to the Ambarnaya Bay. The stocking fry weighs 80 grams each and in the course of fifteen months the fish is to grow to a size from 4 to 5 kilos subject to feeding twice a day.

Now there are only six cages set in the bay and in the future there will be thirty of them. Besides, at the next phase of the project's implementation the fish will be slaughtered not once every two or three years, but every year.

The first 1500 tonnes of salmon to be harvested should more than satisfy the demand from Murmansk and a part of the harvest will be delivered to other Russian provinces. The new farm will participate in social programs such as Cheap Fish and it will supply to the retail network not only frozen fish, but chilled salmon as well.

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