New Russian label will feature convenience products from cod and haddock

May 4, 2007 16:12

Рыбная минутка-1Murmansk-based value-added processor Nord-West Company has begun a promotion campaign for its new label Rybnaya Minutka (Fish Minute). This TM comprises inexpensive economy-class convenience foods, which recently appeared in the retail outlets of Murmansk and Murmansk region.

Fish cakes, fingers, sets for broth, rump steaks, minced fish, fish dumplings and canned fish (paste and cakes in tomato sauce) are introduced in different forms of convenient packaging and in bulk.

Nord-West says the main advantages of the products under TM Rybnaya Minutka are high quality, quick cooking and affordable price. For the products under TM Rybnaya Minutka the company uses only minced cod or haddock. The company claims that TM Rybnaya Minutka products are clean, without additives or preservatives.

The products' price varies from 6,5 to 15 rubles for one pack. As a part of Рыбная минутка-2advertising campaign, Nord-West Company is planning a number of actions such as television and radio advertisement, articles in popular newspapers, special issue of advertising newspaper, information in public transport, publicity in the streets and many other things.

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