New purse seines for new boat in 2011

October 14, 2010 12:19

Ms Christina E. from Fosnavag has ordered new fishing gear for the new boat which will be ready about April 2011, reports with reference to Egersund Group.
The boat is now under construction at Karstensen Shipyard in Denmark. The boat will be 80,6 m long and 16.6 m wide.
The shipping company has ordered one purse seine for capelin and one purse seine for herring. These are to be delivered in 2011. In addition trawling equipment will be delivered.
The purse seines will be a collaboration between Egersund Herøy and Fiskenett.
Regarding the trawling equipment, this will be delivered by Egersund Herøy.
Purse seines and trawling equipment will be mounted in Norway.

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