New process from Saint-Petersburg-based seafood specialist to overcome disadvantages of giant squid products

August 28, 2008 15:59
OOO Nesse-Petersburg (ltd) based in Saint-Petersburg, which specializes in the development of new fish-based products (mince, shaped products from the fish with spawning changes, laminaria salads and so on) and food supplements for seafood industry, has developed quite a number of new technologies and recipies, reports with reference to the information provided by the company's consultant on technological developments.

With vegetable oil prices having increased recently the question of how to cut down costs of laminaria and seafood salads and snacks has arisen. The company solved this problem having developed marinades and dopes based on alginates.

The production of minced products is drawing particular interest. After the production of high-priced products there are a lot of wastes, cuttings and trimmings being left which can be used not only for the production of dried and shaped products but also fish cakes, fish burgers, stuffed breaded products.

At present producers are interested in the products for the followers of healthy life-style based on alginates: agar-agar, laminaria.

OOO Nesse-Petersburg (ltd) works at the products diversification with the companies specializing in the production of stuffed products, creams and roe-based products.

OOO Nesse-Petersburg also co-operates with the companies producing salmon-based products, helping to solve problems connectied with non-structure and postspawning changes. The company's technology allows improving the product's form by dyeing, drying or by adding some flavours.

The company is also planning to process new species such as giant squid, tilapia, pangasius and so on.

Now Chilean-Peruvian (giant) squid has entered the market of seafood for human consumption. Until now this species has been used as feed but it is tasty, fleshy and cheap, points out the company. The only disadvantage of this raw material is its ammoniac taste. OOO Nesse-Petersburg has developed the technology which allows to exclude this taste. The company also suggests different product usages such as hot and cold smoking products, stuffed semi-finished products, products for babies, preserves and salad additions.

Contact information:

OOO Nesse-Petersburg (ltd)

Address: Sedova str., 10, Saint-Petersburg, 193019

Telephone: +7 (812) 346 58 84; 346 58 83


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