New patented prawn peeling technology tested at Royal Greenland factory

October 15, 2010 11:59

Royal Greenland has signed a trial collaboration with KM Fish Machinery on the development of a patented, more environmentally sound prawn peeling technique that works by vacuum, reports with reference to Royal Greenland.

The pilot line has been installed in the former seafood salad factory in Glyngore, Denmark, where the premises meet the requirements to configure a peeling line and produce "ready to eat" products.

The implementation of the project together with KM Fish will give Royal Greenland a good know how in terms of potential for use if this technology for prawns - and also crabs with a relatively short maturation time.

If the project becomes a success, the new technology will streamline the process machinery, increase the prawn quality and minimize the water consumption - for the benefit of both economists and environmentalists.

The project receives public funding support at 3.5 million from the Danish "Renewal Fund", which has seen a potential in developing a technology that has not changed significantly over the past 60 years.

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