New minimum prices for mackerel in effect from 1st of August 2010

July 13, 2010 16:12

Information concerning sale of mackerel for byers and fishing vessels of mackerel for consumption purpuses, reports with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag. 

Minimum prices for mackerel for comsumption purposes.  The following minimum prices shall apply:

Group 1         (average weight 600 g and over):                        NOK 7.75 pr kg
Group 2         (average weight between 575 g and 599 g)      NOK 7,50 pr kg
Group 3         (average weight between 550 g and 574 g)      NOK 7,25 pr kg
Group 4         (average weight between 525 g and 549 g)      NOK 7,00 pr kg
Group 5         (average weight between 500 g and 524 g)      NOK 6.50 pr kg
Group 6         (average weight between 475 g and 499 g)      NOK 6.25 pr kg
Group 7         (average weight between 450 g and 474 g)      NOK 6.00 pr kg
Group 8         (average weight between 425 g and 449 g)      NOK 5,75 pr kg
Group 9         (average weight between 400 g and 424 g)      NOK 5.25 pr kg
Group 10       (average weight between 375 g and 399 g)      NOK 5,00 pr kg
Group 11       (average weight between 350 g and 374 g)      NOK 4.50 pr kg
Group 12       (average weight between 325 g and 349 g)      NOK 4,00 pr kg
Graded mackerel below 200 g per fish, which is not used for consumption purposes, shall at least be paid by NOK 0.60 pr kg. 

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