June 8, 2010 10:45

Jotron Group has announced the launch of Jotron SatCom AS. Jotron SatCom AS will be responsible for the Jotron Group's new SatCom product group joining Maritime Products, Phontech Communication Systems, Consultas Maritime Software and Ground to Air & Coastal Communication as the Group's 5th product group, reports with reference to Jotron Group.

Jotron SatCom AS was formed in 2008 and the main shareholder of the company is Jotron AS supported by two partners, Tronrud Engineering AS and Nerasat AS.

The Managing Director of Jotron SatCom AS is Ottar Bjåstad, a long time veteran of the global SatCom business, who commented, "Our vision is to build a new strong Norwegian maritime satellite communication company after the close down of the Nera SatCom company in 2006."

At present Jotron SatCom AS is primarily staffed with management and R&D resources in order to focus on the development and industrialization of a new VSAT stabilized antenna product, other support functions are handled by the mother company Jotron AS. For sales and distribution the company will rely on Jotron´s global distribution and service network.

The highly experienced members of the R&D team all have between 10 and 30 years of experience of developing and manufacturing maritime SatCom products based on stabilized antennas for the Inmarsat System and also from the development and engineering of other VSAT products.

Magnus Vold, Managing Director of Jotron AS, added, "The Jotron Group sees this as a strategic investment and as part of making Jotron a more complete supplier of maritime communication products and systems. The new product group will be closely linked with the existing product groups serving the maritime market."

Today's modern vessels require affordable, continuous broadband access with a defined performance. In the future this will apply for types of ships as affordable equipment and services become increasingly available on the market. Affordable broadband access at sea will become the norm, expected by and required for professional users and crews at sea.

Jotron SatCom AS main product will be an innovative and high performance stabilized Ku-band antenna which is a key product for broadband at sea with global coverage. The product will be introduced in the market during the 2nd half of 2010.

The launch of the new product group coincides with the launch of the Jotron Group's new web site,, containing details of this and other products.

For more details, contact:
Ottar Bjastad
Managing Director
Jotron SatCom
Telephone: +47 32 84 53 87

Magnus Vold
Managing Director
Jotron AS
Telephone: +47 33 13 97 15

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