New director in BU Norway

October 19, 2010 14:18

Ingrid Tjosvold (42) is to be the new director of BU Norway, with responsibility for further strengthening the BU's position in the home market, reports with reference to Rieber&Son.

Tjosvold is currently managing director of Mesta Drift.

- I consider Rieber & Son to be a strong company which is developing well. As well as having good products and strong brands it is very market-oriented in its thinking, says Tjøsvold.

Group CEO Andersson at Rieber & Son says that Tjøsvold will have exciting challenges in her position as director of BU Norway.

- For almost two years we have had an internal focus which has increased the productivity of our production plants and reorganised purchasing activities. The aim has been to boost profitability. In the period ahead we wish to direct our attention targeting on growth.

Ingrid Tjosvold will have ambitious growth targets to aim for in the BU Norway.

- Seen from the outside, Rieber & Son's brands stand for sound quality, and the market performance reflects a high level of both competence and expertise throughout the organisation, says Tjosvold.

Tjøsvold will head five Norwegian production plants and brands such as Toro, Denja, Vossafar, Vestlandslefsa, Mr. Lee and Trondhjems.

Tjøsvold was born in Karmoy, but has lived in Bergen for many years. She has a Master of Science in economics from the University of Strathclyde in the UK. She started her professional career at Kværner where she was controller and has subsequently held positions with Notar Eiendom, EDB Novit and Hans H. Iversen, as well as four years with Hansa Brewery before taking up her present position with Mesta in 2006.

Patrik Andersson is very pleased to have the 42-year-old on the team.

- Ingrid combines a strong focus on results and sound skills as a team builder. This makes her well qualified to drive and promote innovation in the Norwegian market. At the same time, she will blend in very well with the Group Management, says Andersson.

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