New dietetic and healthy surimi product from a large Moscow producer

July 18, 2007 16:54

The Moscow-based producer of surimi products Marina group of companies has launched a new product - crab sticks "MarinaR-Giant" in flow packs. The novelty's weight is 150 and 300 g. MarinaR-Giant crab sticks

The crab sticks are manufactured from freshly caught cod species and packed according to the quality standard of ISO 9002. The plant (with full production cycle) where these new products are produced was equipped to comply with the modern standards of production and quality.

The company says that the fillets are not heat-treated during production of "MarinaR-Giant" crab sticks, the technique helping to keep all the vitamins and useful minerals the seafood products are rich in.

The sticks have an originally designed round shape. That is why they are not damaged while being unwrapped. Chefs appreciate this in cooking and decorating the dishes.

The Marina company says, that their crab sticks are free of preservatives, are frozen by air-blust freezing methods, packed in flow packs and are kept at a temperature 20 C degrees below zero level.

The pack is designed in such a way that it keeps the taste, texture and moisture of the sticks.

The food value of the sticks "MarinaR-Giant" is 94 kcal, which is why it can be recommended as a dietetic food item.

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