New cold store gathering momentum in Vladivostok

February 6, 2007 16:33

Commissioned in Vladivostok in November 2006 JSC ZAO Dalnevostochnyi Khladokombinat cold store is gathering momentum as the most up-to-date complex for storage of frozen meat, fish, poultry, chilled and frozen semi-processed products, fruits and vegetables.

The new cold store is furnished with modern and high quality German equipment.

The cold store capacity exceeds 7000 tonnes of food products. The volume of one-time storage in reefer chambers and in the ramp fluctuates from 6000 to 8000 tonnes depending on the cargo type.

The cold store has low-temperature freon chambers for storage at temperatures ranging from -18 to +12 degrees Celsius, special fruit chambers, banana chambers with gassing systems (for fruits ripening). Juices, mineral water and other food products, which do not need low temperatures when stored, can be stored in the ramp with the total volume exceeding 500 tonnes at any one time.

Location of the cold store near the Vesennyaya railway station provides it with convenient approach ways, branch line, spacious yard for parking and manoeuvring of freight transport. The above advantages of the cold store's location along with its automated check-in and control system are supposed to minimize the time of registering and receiving products.

More information from:
JSC ZAO Dalnevostochnyi Khladokombinat; 3A Ulitsa 2-ya Shosseynaya, 690054 Vladivostok, Russia; tel.: +7 4232 308700, 308800.

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