Network of mobile fish shops to spring up in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

October 6, 2009 11:46
With the backing of Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency a large network of mobile fish shops is to spring up in Moscow and Saint Petersburg  with the first stall to go online as early as 19 October 2009, reports / with reference to an early October statement of the Russian fishery head Andrey Krainy.

The project provides for approximately 300 fish stalls to be deployed in the nation's two biggest cities with their populations thus to enjoy a better supply of more affordable domestically manufactured seafood. In fact, it is claimed that more direct logistics and less expensive operating costs will make it possible to halve the price tags as compared to the fish in the supermarkets.

The mobile fish kiosk grid is coming up as a replacement for the plan to launch a less expensive chain of OKEAN stationary seafood stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg as the much publicized goal has never been reached in these two biggest cities because of poor availability of acceptably priced floor space.

Meanwhile in the regions several dozen of OKEAN fish stores offering more affordable fish products are already trading.  

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