Nesse-Petersburg helps turn fish wastes into money earner

June 28, 2007 12:46

At its stand at Seafood Russia 2007 Nesse-Petersburg ltd has presented some of its own developments in the sphere of fish processing as well as a whole range of food additives, spice mixes and technological preparations for manufacture of various fish products.

One of the company's novelties is the food additive used for processing Pacific salmon. Taking into account the problems connected with Pacific salmon processing such as soft meat texture, pale meat colour and others Nesse has developed technology for production of formed products from non-structural meat of pink salmon, with the help of which the producer can manufacture cold and hot smoked products as well as dry cured items such as dry cured fish sticks enjoying a strong demand on the market.

Besides, the company has prepared a proposal for introduction of the technology of production of shaped mince-based products in the form of ripening mince from Russian freshwater fish meat as well as pieces of fish meat with the help of binding components made in Japan. Those components help bind pieces of pink salmon and create fillet-like structure for further production of fish sausages, cold and hot smoked formed products.

Along with the above, the company has also developed new recipes for production of mousses and pastes from fish wastes (e.g. hot smoked mackerel/pink salmon with mechanical damage) or salted pieces of salmon meat. The company says that its novelties have attracted much attention from the fish processors and many companies are planning to apply those technologies in their production cycle.

More information about Nesse-Petersburg and its novelties is available in video reels in the Fish TV section of

Contact information:

Nesse-Petersburg; 10 Sedova str., 193019 Saint Petersburg, Russia; tel.: +7 812 3465884, 2651503, fax: +7 812 346 5883; e-mail:

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