Neighbour's major processor awarded silver medal at Russia's Prodexpo 2007

April 3, 2007 08:45
Кальмар_СантаAt the international seafood show Prodexpo 2007 recently held in Moscow Santa Bremor Company (a major processor based in the city of Brest in Belarus), along with the traditional range of marinated fish preserves, exhibited more than 100 fish products as well as caviar, pastes, vacuum packed salads and ice-cream.

Santa Bremor says that the visitors were particularly attracted by the company's new products such as cooked-and-frozen squid meat and salmon delicatessen.

Santa Bremor's products (pink salmon's lightly smoked pieces of fillet in oil and individually cooked-and-frozen squid meat) were awarded degustation contest's silver medals in the category "The best product of the year 2007".


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