Navigation, positioning and hydrography package for new Spanish research vessel

August 10, 2007 14:37

simrad1Kongsberg Maritime, via its subsidiary Simrad Spain SL has completed the delivery of an MNOK 25 electronics suite for the advanced newbuild Spanish research vessel, Miguel Oliver. Installation of the Dynamic Positioning, heading reference, trawl monitoring and echosounder systems was completed in April 2007. The 70m Spanish Fishery Ministry owned vessel is in operation and has completed its first fishery research campaign in Hatton Bank.

The comprehensive Kongsberg Maritime package onboard the Miguel Oliver includes several high-end systems, chosen to ensure that the vessel can provide accurate data to the Spanish Fishery Ministry and the fishery research community in general:

  • Dynamic Positioning DP10
  • Radar DB10 and VDR -EM302, EA600, MDM400, SSU
  • Seapath 200 and Seapath 20
  • EK60 MultiFreq, ES60, FS20/25, ITI
  • TOPAS PS18

simrad1The Miguel Oliver will benefit from highly accurate echosounder systems from both Kongsberg Maritime and Simrad. The EM302 is Kongsberg Maritime's newest multibeam echosounder and will provide the vessel's crew and team of scientists with unrivalled data on the ocean floor. A similar system alongside an EA600 single beam is onboard the Spanish Hydrographic Institute of the Navy (IHM) operated H/V Malaspina.

The Simrad echosounders onboard The Miguel Oliver are all tried and tested within the professional fishery and fishery research communities, and widely regarded as being the best fish detecting echosounders available. Whilst the EK60 is the international standard for fish stock assessment the ES60 is responsible for improving catches for fishermen worldwide.

Simrad Spain SL has a strong pedigree in the supply of navigation and scientific equipment to Spanish research vessels. Since 1997, the company has supplied both Kongsberg Maritime and Simrad equipment to R/V Hespйrides for the High Research Council (CSIC), R/V Vizconde de Eza for fishery research, R/V Cornide de Saavedra and R/V Fco. de Paula Navarro for the Oceanographic Institute, and H/V Tofiсo, H/L Astrolabio and H/L Escandallo for the Navy Hydrographic Institute.

For further information, please contact:

Lisbeth Ramde
Kongsberg Maritime
Tel: (+47) 3302 3837

Saul Trewern
Saltwater Public Relations
Tel: +44 (0)1202 669244

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