Naturxan, LLC Expands Production and Distribution of Aquasta Naturally Sourced Astaxanthin to Meet Global Aquaculture Demand

May 31, 2010 10:57

Naturxan, LLC, a joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland Company and Igene Biotechnology, Inc., announced that it has completed an expansion of its production and distribution capabilities to provide worldwide availability of Aquasta®, a naturally sourced astaxanthin made from Phaffia yeast for enriching and pigmenting salmon and trout consuming aquaculture feeds, reports with reference to Naturxan LLC.

"Our recent efforts help ensure we can provide feed manufacturers and fish producers around the world with a stable, year-round supply of high quality, industry-tested, naturally-sourced astaxanthin," said Richard Grelewicz, Chief Executive Officer. "Over the last year, we have invested more than $3 million of capital and dedicated significant science and engineering resources into scaling production capacity and inventory volume to fulfill ongoing customer demand."

With access to ADM's premiere production and transportation network, along with export and distribution centers in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia, Naturxan can reliably deliver Aquasta wherever and whenever it is needed around the world.

While the aquaculture industry was once dependent on synthetic, non-renewable sources of astaxanthin to achieve the signature pink color of wild salmon, naturally sourced Aquasta has proven as effective as synthetic astaxanthin through tests of various feed product extrusion processes, production timelines, storage temperatures, and in commercial field trials involving fresh, frozen and smoked fish such as Atlantic salmon, Coho salmon and Rainbow trout.

Aquasta is made from renewable ingredients without the use of petrochemicals or recombinant DNA modification to the production organism, and therefore satisfies the health and purchasing preferences of consumers and retailers that prefer naturally derived aquaculture products. Aquasta is accepted by key organic programs around the world, including Naturland, BioSuisse, DEBIO, KRAV, DEFRA, the Organic Food Federation, the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association and Agriculture Biologique, among others.

"We believe Aquasta provides benefits that cannot be found in other sources which claim to be natural, making us the clear choice in the aquaculture market," said Dr. Stephen Hiu, Chief Technology Officer. "Aquasta does not pigment fish with adonirubin, which is not naturally found in salmon at the very high levels as that resulting from the use of the competitive product."

Aquasta has a high and more proportional astaxanthin bioavailability than some other astaxanthin sources, is reliably dose responsive, and the astaxanthin is virtually identical to that from krill, which is consumed by wild salmon to give them their healthy natural coloration.

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About Naturxan

Naturxan, a joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland Company and Igene Biotechnology, Inc., is the world's leading provider of naturally sourced astaxanthin from Phaffia yeast, serving customers large and small in aquaculture markets around the globe for more than a decade. With customers in more than a dozen countries, Naturxan continues to meet worldwide demand for naturally sourced astaxanthin for use in both specialty and commercial-scale feed and fishing operations.

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