Nakhodka based company has launched "Aqualunch" fish sausage

December 14, 2007 16:23
In 2007 KVEN fish plant based in Nakhodka has launched an entirely new surimi product line, the novelty sausage range to be sold under the Aqualunch label.

At present, a variety of sausage types are manufactured on the basis of several recipes. There are boiled and smoked sausages marketed under the names of "Tikhookeanskaya", "Kamchatskaya", "Vostochnaya" and "Okhotskaya".Fish sausage

In near future the new line will be extended to include production of small fish sausages and hot dogs, more items of boiled and smoked sausage and bacon with pieces of seafood. All the products will be manufactured under the label of Aqualunch.

The novelties are convenient to cook and eat. The weight of one sausage is 320 g, and the sausage is packed in non-smoke proof, "breathing" casing produced of natural materials.

This size of pack was specially chosen for consumers' convenience, as a kind of happy medium as this size of the sausage stick is not very big to be everyday meal and at the same time big enough for a family breakfast. The new product can be stored for 14 days.

The plant is equipped with the up-to-date equipment and the novelties are produced from ecologically proved raw materials without any artificial additives. The end product thus is of a very high quality.

The fish sausage Aqualunch looks very much like meat sausage, but this is true only at first sight, because it is produced from surimi.

Among the unique qualities of the Aqualunch product series one must mention low calorie content, minimal of cholesterol and a wide range of healthy substances, the manufacturer underlines.
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