MWV Highlights Food Packaging Solutions at FMI Show

May 11, 2010 15:54

Richmond, Virginia (May 10, 2010)-MeadWestvaco Corp. (NYSE: MWV) announced that it will showcase a wide range of packaging solutions at the Food Marketing Institute Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 11-13. Focusing on the customer's need for high performing and sustainable packaging options, MWV will display renewably sourced, paperboard-based solutions that are designed to reduce the incidence of costly rips, tears, dents or scratches, reports with reference to MWV.

"In the U.S. alone, unsaleables cost retailers and brand owners $15 billion annually," said Mike Stuckey, marketing director, MWV Food Packaging. "The data we have collected through extensive research shows that packaging makes an impact in consumer perceptions of a brand or product as well as their purchasing decisions, and that materials make the difference in a package's ability to withstand damage during shipping, stocking and life on the shelf."

Higher quality packaging materials also offer sustainability benefits. Renewable and recyclable fibers can provide similar stiffness values at significantly lower basis weights than Coated Recycled Board (CRB), a bulkier, lower quality paperboard, creating packages that are lighter weight, take up less volume and result in less waste because they are made from sturdier, better quality materials.

By switching from CRB to MWV's low-density paperboard Klafold®, MWV's South Africa-based customer Snackworks was able to find sustainability benefits by reducing the amount of total paper tonnage it uses in packaging by 30 percent. In addition, the number of rejected cartons due to damage on the packaging lines was reduced by almost 100 percent, and the company experienced fewer boxes damaged during transportation. Improved surface consistency of Klafold resulted in fewer washups on the printing press and more vivid graphics, giving the Snackworks boxes a new and improved look that contributed to better consumer interaction with the product on the retail shelf.

In fact, a study conducted by an independent research firm, Moskowitz Jacobs Inc., showed that consumers are more likely to purchase products when cartons are made from higher quality packaging materials, such as MWV's Printkote® or Custom Kote®, and that consumers are even willing to pay more for a food product if it comes in better packaging. On the other hand, a separate study showed that a damaged package can impact a brand's reputation. Shoppers' perception of a "brand you trust" dropped from 73 percent to 41 percent with even slight packaging damage, and 72 percent of shoppers viewed a retailer displaying damaged packaging as offering lower value products than their competitors.

MWV works with food, beverage and food services customers to offer customized solutions that help to improve efficiency, sustainability and product damage rates, while enhancing design and shelf presence. MWV will showcase several of these high-quality solutions at its booth at the FMI Show (booth #458), including the following:

  • Custom Kote:
Custom Kote is a high-performing, coated, unbleached kraft paperboard designed to withstand pressure, freezing and thawing to deliver outstanding performance in stressful environments throughout the supply chain, while delivering high-impact graphics for exceptional shelf appeal. Its outstanding strength ensures high-quality folding cartons and packaging solutions that span a large range of applications from frozen foods to shelf-stable foods.
  • KlaFold:
KlaFold is a high-quality, coated unbleached kraft paperboard with low-density, high-yield characteristics that provide outstanding strength and durability. KlaFold offers superior printing and converting performance due to its exceptional smoothness and consistency. USFDA and ISEGA compliance make this product ideal for most direct and indirect food contact applications, as well as for cartons and packages of all types.
  • Printkote:

Reliable performance and versatility have made Printkote an industry favorite for various packaging and printing applications. It offers a bright white, glossy coated side for high printability, and a uniform, smooth uncoated back side. Printkote runs consistently on press, and in high-speed converting operations and filling lines. Printkote also comes in an ovenable variety, which is moisture- and heat-resistant, with outstanding heat sealing and printability. This versatile product helps manufacturers reduce costs by using one container to freeze, display, bake and serve food.

  • MWare:
Designed for food service, the MWare family of products offers high-quality, functional, disposable food service containers. Options and features combine to offer benefits from food quality preservation to improved portability and convenience; and from use of recycled content to commercial compostability.

About MWV

MeadWestvaco Corporation (NYSE: MWV), provides packaging solutions to many of the world's most-admired brands in the healthcare, beauty and personal care, food, beverage, media and entertainment, home and garden, tobacco, and commercial print industries. The company's businesses also include Consumer & Office Products, Specialty Chemicals, and the Community Development and Land Management Group, which sustainably manages the company's land holdings to support its operations, and to provide for conservation, recreation and development opportunities. With 20,000 employees worldwide, MWV operates in 30 countries and serves customers in more than 100 nations. MWV manages all of its forestlands in accordance with internationally recognized forest certification standards, and has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the sixth consecutive year. For more information, please visit

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