Murmansk scientists raising crabs in laboratory conditions

October 15, 2010 09:33
Murmansk scientists in Marine Biology Institute have been raising crabs in laboratory conditions in a situation of continuously depleting red king crab stocks in the Barents Sea, reports

The biologists have harvested baby-crabs in Kola Bay and have been investigating their features and conditions which should be created so that crabs could grow mature and large in size.

At present, the scientists have been studying and collecting data on crabs' feeding habits, for which purpose they harvest mussels, shrimps and buy fish.

Crab grows to commercial size up to 10-12 years and this is the long process while the stocks have been depleting. Crabs can grow comfortably at temperature from plus 20 to minus 1 degrees C but the researchers try to understand what other conditions crabs can stand. Among other questions to answer the scientists will study the degree of water salinity, migration of marine species, etc.

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