Murmansk Marine Fish Port awaiting change of managers

February 20, 2007 16:30

Murmansk governor Yuri Yevdokimov suggested that Rosimuschestvo Federal Agency of Federal Estate Administration should shortly call a meeting of the Board of Directors of Murmansk Marine Fish Port in order to elect new general director from local industrials.

The thing is that the organization's current director has left the service as of 1 February 2007.

Murmansk Governor claims that in the recent three years the province's Marine Fish Harbour has reported considerably lower production and economic indices: Its total turnover went down by 12% and the staff was cut by 21.8% and the social tension grew stronger in the company. For the first time in the recent years it has worked with a loss of RUR121.3 million.

According to Governor Yevdokimov, the new director should have appropriate higher education and experience of work in respective companies.

Candidates should be submitted for approval of the province's government in order to prevent potential aggravation of the situation, governor proposed.

Along with the above, Murmansk governor suggested that Valery Nazarov, head of Rosimuschestvo, should attract representatives of the federal executive bodies to take part in the development of measures to lead the company out of crisis and plans for long term future.

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