Murmansk Fish Port boosting turnover

May 14, 2009 12:12

In the first four months of the current year 2009 the turnover of OAO Murmansk Marine Fish Port (plc) has shown a strong positing trend, reports ( with reference to Murman.

More specifically, in January-April 2009 the company's turnover has grown to 102,000 tonnes, 43.1% up on the same period last year. In April 2009 Murmansk Fish Port handled 30,000 tonnes of seafood, 26.7% up on the corresponding result of last year, the rise attributed first of all to the spring capelin fishery.

Murmansk Fish Port was established in mid-1970s on the basis of a ship handling complex. The port's production facilities include 56 dockside cranes with the lifting capacities ranging from 3 to 20 tonnes, 12 gantries, caterpillar cranes and truck cranes, 47 electric loaders, 267 electric lift trucks of various modifications.

The port also runs own port fleet engaged in pilotage in the Kola Bay, bringing passengers and extra provisions outer harbor, deviation services as well as in fuel and water supply of other vessels. Besides, the port has own ecological and disinfection service and special vessels purifying the port's waters from waste and black oil.

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