Murmansk cod exporters facing big problems with product sales

April 29, 2009 16:23

Murmansk cod exporters have been facing big problems with product sales as the western market has been in a fever against the background of mixed price trends, reports (

According to a Murmansk exporter, the dynamics of demand has also been difficult to define. In particular, while yesterday buyers would rush to purchase headed cod, today they will show no interest in it and tomorrow they will be ready to purchase seafood at high prices, but the products will have been sold out at a disadvantage as the company has to pay to suppliers, the crews and repay the credits.

According to the exporter, the situation is even more complicated than it was in 1990s, when the price on the western market was more or less stable and the demand was predictable. However, at present Murmansk cod producers cannot decide which range to produce: headed fish, skin-on fillets or skinned fillets.

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